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Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013 - 12:30pm Eastern Time

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“FREE Teleclass: Baby Sleep Basics,

Top 7 Strategies To Help Your Baby Become a Great Sleeper”

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Are you struggling with your baby’s sleep? Have you read all the books and nothing works with your baby? Is your baby’s sleep (or lack of thereof) affecting your family life? If your answer is ‘yes’, you can’t miss this complementary teleclass!

Imagine knowing how to address your baby’s specific sleep needs, a happier and well-rested baby. Imagine no more sleepless nights wondering what you’re doing wrong, no more rocking your unconsolable crying baby, no more guilt and second-guessing. Diana Gonzalez Blanco, founder of Smooth Parenting will show you how to make these dreams a reality and have a happier, smoother family life, during this complementary teleclass.

Diana is a Certified Youth, Parenting & Family Coach and Baby Sleep Expert. She has an impressive track record of helping families teach their babies to sleep. Diana, a mother of toddler twins herself, knows how stressful parenting can be at times, especially when sleep issues arise. Her approach to baby sleep coaching and parenting is gentle, progressive, effective, holds the wellbeing of the child first, and follows the guidelines provided by the American Association of Pediatrics. 


  1. what constitutes healthy sleep and what are baby’s sleep needs by age (naps and night-time)

  2. what you can do to help your baby develop healthy sleep habits from day one

  3. how you can understand your baby’s cues and discover what the best schedule for your baby is

  4. how to avoid creating negative sleep associations

  5. how to set up a nursery that is conducive to your baby’s sleep

  6. what to do and not to do to guarantee your baby’s safety while sleeping

  7. how to create your customized sleep plan

  8. exciting new details about our upcoming events

  9. and... FOR THE FIRST TIME... OPEN Q&A! You will be able to ask about your child’s sleep challenges.

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